Saturday, December 25, 2021

The New Latter Day Truths Podcast is now online!

Latter Day Truths is thrilled to announce that we have begun the process of converting our past blog posts into podcasts.

Accessible via this link as well as the "Podcasts" link in this blog's menu, the podcasts are verbatim transcripts of what's on the blog. You can either listen to the podcasts on your device, or you can download them.

Please note that not all blog posts have been converted; just the most recent five. We'll continue with the conversions in batches of five -- in descending order chronologically -- as time allows. We'll announce future podcast batch conversions on the blog homepage, and any future blog posts will contain links to their corresponding podcasts.

If you have any Podomatic-related questions, please contact Podomatc at

Thanks so much for your support and enthusiasm! It really is encouraging. If you have any suggestions for future blog posts/podcasts, please visit our contact page (also on our menu) at

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