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Sunday, July 12, 2020

"Judge Not"? Naaa...go ahead and judge!

The antithesis of this -- in other words, those who choose not to wear face coverings when in public -- are therefore not good citizens.

According to the CDC, anyone who has trouble breathing (including asthmatics) should not wear face coverings. Yet according to the church, they -- and anyone chooses not to wear a mask or who has trouble breathing -- are automatically bad citizens.

I can guarantee that this will lead more members to judge non-mask wearing members as bad. 

And they aren't good members, either, because their choosing not to wear a mask means they aren't sustaining their local church leaders. Therefore, they are ineligible for a temple recommend and all that goes along with it.


Based on the aforementioned facts, I have the following questions:
  • Is it good to pre-position members to pre-judge others? 
  • Is shame and fear a heavenly-endorsed strategy to catalyze change in another?
  • Is that what Christ would do?
  • Why wasn't this masking invitation announced in February/March, before things got really bad?
  • Whatever happened to the healing power of the priesthood?
  • Why hasn't the church endorsed online or outdoor meetings, where COVID-19 has minimal or no effect and members can still participate?
  • Why isn't the Utah Area Presidency asking members to act on other public health initiatives with a higher death rate?
  • By the way, how are those worldwide fasts coming, and how do the results of those fasts square with "by their fruits ye shall know them"? Are the Brethren planning a third one anytime soon?



jstcommentary said...

You have hit the nail dead center on the head.
If the church had priesthood they could heal the sick and bring others into the fold.
The Church of The Prophet of the Cowardly non-saints shows no signs of being CHRIST's church.

Latter Day Truths said...

This blog post was originally posted on Sunday, July 12. 12 days later, posters began appearing around Orem, saying "For the safety of all, FACE MASKS are required to be able to call yourself my follower." I've uploaded an image of the sign here:

Granted, there's no telling if the maker of this sign is LDS or not. But with Orem being predominantly LDS, I wouldn't doubt it...

Liberty Ghost said...

Instead of masks:
consider repentance.

Anonymous said...

I'm a very stubborn individual and hate having people tell me what to do. I typically only do something if I have a very good reason for doing it. I did the whole self isolation thing in the beginning. When it comes to masks I will only wear one into a business if they require it. I have zero faith that they actually prevent anything. Why? Because there is a significant lack of good evidence to suggest otherwise. However, instead of using persuasion, long suffering, and pure love to convince others of their view, people on both sides instead resort to personal attacks and ad-hominem. This is only serving to divide society even further.

To me the mask has morphed into a sign of blind conformity and obedience; two things I actively vowed to never engage in again after I discovered the apostasy of the modern LDS church. Like other times in history, people have blindly and gleefully taken to using shame as a weapon for what they perceive as non-conformity. It is wholly un-Christ-like and it is vile to me.

Anonymous said...

I prayed to see if I should wear a mask. I received a burning in my bosom and could not doubt. So no mask for me! Checkmate Pharisees.