Sunday, November 14, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Ensign Peak Advisors Latest Stocks and a Combined Report

Two days ago, the Securities and Exchange Commission published the latest Ensign Peak Advisors report. I have yet to see the news of this latest filing in Google News, so maybe we could consider this an exclusive report. 

You can view: 
Here are their quarterly totals:

Quarter    Total Values 
Ended        (billions)
9/30/21 $47.9
6/30/21 $49.5
3/31/21 $46.5
12/31/20         $44.0
9/30/20 $39.5
6/30/20 $36.7
3/31/20 $29.8
12/31/19         $37.8

I've also compiled all the reports into one online spreadsheet, which I'll be updating quarterly. 
  • "Top 10" = The Top 10 investments during the last quarter. 
  • "Gainers" = The Top 10 investments by comparing the most recent report with the 2/14/20 report. 
  • "Pharma" = Covid-19 pharmaceutical manufacturers (you know...the ones the church is encouraging you to do business with). 

Bon Appetit!


  1. $47,263,845,000...where's the other 70,000,000,000?

  2. The church owns more than one fund. Add all the funds up and you will get the $100,000,000. Plus add real estate and non stock investments and you end up with 1 trillion.

  3. All's I want to know is how much money the Church has made off the pandemic from investing in pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccines.

    And then, why isn't those earnings tithed at 10 percent?

    Do as I say?

  4. I have always been told that our tithes are supposed to build temples. I think I will start helping some really poor people instead right now. I guess a few temples are stuck in here and there to make it look true.

    I know people who have no running water or heat in their house right now. I am going to help them (the least of these). Right now. The church has heat and running water!

  5. I will not enable the church to keep buying these poisonous genocidal vaccines nor invest in these communist owned companies. I will use the tithe for the poor and for helping reestablishing freedom in the USA fight.

    Our church is "crickets" in the fight for freedom, but wholely in for the government! See Revelation 2:18-28

    Sharing a bed with Jezebel!

  6. My wife and I stopped paying tithing years ago. Instead we send our charitable donations to the local community center. We also spend more of our time volunteering at local shelters and whatnot instead of participating in pointless church 'callings'.